Why Poverty?


Earlier this week I landed on the Arte TV-channel here in Germany that had dedicated that day’s programmes to the theme ‘Why Poverty?’ Having studied economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, I guess I could answer this question using economic theories and would probably come up with some kind of an accepted answer. But watching young Chinese adults reluctantly engaging in a struggle for survival, either by trying to get accepted by some top university (thereby ruining their family’s monetary reserves to cover for the cost) or by trying to find whatever job that is available amidst countless competitors, made me sick. And those are considered the lucky ones.

And the recruiting companies seem to have the same practices as here in the west. Then I talked to someone last week and that person (some 40 years old) said all of a sudden in our conversation: we’re the first generation who won’t be better off than their parents. Which, in any case after WWII and in any case in the western world had always been the case.

Obviously it’s this Money Game which is to blame. Somehow we’ve come to attach way too much value to having money. And we believe that having money really matters. Which leads us to having tons of things that don’t fulfill us nor make us happy. And which lead us to having meaningless, empty lives, revolving around having stuff for which we don’t care. When we’re done with it or when it no longer functions, we just throw it away. It’s our right since it ours and we’ve paid for it. It can pollute someone else’s backyard but, hey, that’s not my problem. I paid for eveything.Empty and meaningless lives in a society that is no longer sacred. Nothing is for that matter. So it’s time for the world (east and west) to step out of the money game and into the human game. It’s time we start caring for all of us on this planet and in the process stop impoverishing each other and killing each other. Oh yeah, we got a lot lf learning to do as to how to really appreciate each other in order to live peacefully, being part of our local or regional communities under a global umbrella, deploying our true talents where they are needed, therewith pursuing our personal destiny. So maybe this growing poverty, which is not needed at all and which is basically totally artificial due to adhering to rules of a game that is no longer relevant,  is helping to speed up the inevitable part of the process: creating a critical mass of people aroudn the world who are sick and tired of the money game and who are ready to enter the human game.

Why poverty…. it just doesn’t make any sense.




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