Your problems as messages?


Well, the world is filled with challenges and problems and I’m sure that each one of us, we all have our share of that as well. Our usual approach is to solve a problem as quickly as possible and then move on to the next one. Fair enough, I guess. What I have noticed is that sometimes it seemed a problem didn’t let itself be solved just like that. OK, so I tried harder. Smarter. Get help. Get frustrated. And yet the situation remained stuck. Or perhaps you know this as well: you’re faced with a sequence of more or less similar issues. You solve one and the other one is ready to present itself.
What I have noticed is that by taking a step back, slowing down and going to my point of stillness, I’m able to see what the problem is actually trying to draw my attention to. And while the problem needs to be solved, I now get different information which informs my decision on how to show up. It’s no longer auto-pilot, triggered by the situation, but an informed and conscious choice Which helps me to better deal with the situation at hand, while at the same time seeing its place in the bigger unfolding game.
I’m not suggesting that by being still and ‘just’ diving deeper and exploring what the potential of the situation is that the problem gets solved right away and without your involvement. It may happen as you’re likely to change your relation to it. But you’re likely being asked to work on it as well.  What I am saying is that you’ll be in a much better position to solve the problem coming from a place of seeing the bigger picture. And you’ll feel more empowered because you choose how you show up in dealing with the situation.
So, what is the message behind your most persistent challenges? Interesting?


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