Resisting life?

Change is inevitable, we all know that. It’s what we have been taught in school and university, what we’ve all experienced by now, what books have been written about and what we are seeing especially now. Not always is change a pleasant thing. What I’ve never been taught is how to look for the bigger picture of a change. I know now that if I focus on that one thing that is changing and which I may not like at all I’ll be tempted to resist it. To fight it. To push against it. To moan and complain.

At the Center for Transformational Presence, we know that life is energy in motion, unfolding as part of something bigger. We cannot destroy or create energy, only transform it. And there lies an important key for dealing with change: how can you show up in such a way that you can work with the change, so it gets transformed? What is it asking of you? Who is it asking you to be? These conversations can run deep, yes, and they are also very clarifying, opening up new ways forward. Because you’ll be capable to embrace the change that wants to happen. And then work with it instead of pushing against it, which leads to much better results for you. Resisting change is like saying to life: I don’t want this to happen. The invitation is to learn to live your life completely, embrace change and not fight it.
Ping me if you would like to explore what this means for you.



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