I’m Geert Hofman, Dutch by birth, currently residing in Northern Germany near the city of Hannover. People know me as a highly experienced international executive coach yet less so as an author. Well, I guess that’s fair enough as my first novel ever “The Glass Dome” (www.geerthofman.com/glass-dome) has only been published recently.

I’ve written the novel ‘The Glass Dome” (or was it the other way around and did it actually find me?) because ever since I was a kid I have known that somehow we’re entering a new era on the planet. I choose to believe that, amongst others, it will be characterised by transparency, openness, freedom, personal destiny,  global consciousness, to name a few.  And the world will become flat, i.e. this concept of multi-layered organisations with one person at the top knowing it best for all of us is a relic of the past. This will go hand-in-hand with a process of de-institutionalisation in all areas of our lives. It is up to us to decide and to give meaning to the events in our lives.We no longer can nor need to rely on ‘qualified’ institutions that will take care of that for us and then force us to live their dogmas. Everything will transform from fixed form to fluid. Flow will emerge.

I expect the transitory period to be quite unstable and for many it will turn out to be a bumpy ride. With ‘for many’ I mean: for many amongst us and for many after us. Mostly because they will be trying to cling on to things that will disappear whether we like them to or not. Because they no longer serve our ongoing development. I choose to believe that what will be helpful to make the transition easier are people who are living their personal destiny, therewith deploying their talents to their fullest potential. They will thus serve as living examples for all of us, rather than them trying to be smarter than all of us and then trying to tell us how we should go about finding our personal calling and then living it. That’s the old style one-for-all approach. We have the gift of helping each other in this and I’m sure that many of us are already doing this in our more-connected-than-ever world. What works for one person may not be such an effective key for further advancement for another and that’s just fine. We may be equal but most definitely not identical. Our unique identity is a manifestation of cosmic energy. Of something not-manifest which has become manifest. After a while a society will result that will be radically different from the current version. Radically meaning: from its roots upward and it will affect all facets of society: from how we view each other on the planet to how we do business, from how we look upon education to how we shape health care, from experiencing spirituality in freedom to how we look upon our lives and what makes them meaningful to us.

So… I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise that my blog posts deal with what I’ve said here. I would love to engage in meaningful conversations concerning the above-mentioned with all of you. And no, not because I consider myself to be the expert here 🙂

For the rest: I’m working on my second novel now (which I would like to be a project of co-creation) I like to inspire and to be inspired and am quite fond of playing guitar a.o. in the FFB-BigBand and in Bobby & The Brawlers. That’s it for now 🙂







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