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So there’s another few states violently trying to beat down protests. And yet another few are so afraid of its own citizens and neighbors that they have started to collect as many expressions by them as possible in huge databases. In order to be able to throw a suspicion at each of us at the whim of some bureaucrat/s at whatever point in time

So I wonder where this fear comes from and why it is so persistent. Why do people like Erdogan (but it’s not just him) believe they can get away with oppressing the people in their countries? Why do they think they can stop a process which is inevitable and irrevocable since it finds its origin in a different source. What would it take for them to leave throw their petty political and personal agenda out of the window and make room for that which want to become manifest?

Why can’t those so-called leaders not see what wants to emerge? Is it that they identify so much with the role they have? Do they take themselves too seriously? And mind you: I’m pretty sure it is rather obscure for many of the protesters as well. But still they have the courage to respond to this new universal signal: no longer is it one for all. (And speaking of courage: what to think about this individual Edward Snowden?) We’re in this together. Leadership is a distributed function, and leadership roles will be inhabited by those who can  make the contribution which is required for as long at it is required.

The American people are on a diet of fear. And once more: they’re not the only ones. It may be the consequence of us living our lives under the illusion of separation in a hostile environment, as Charles Eisenstein illustrates so beautifully: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEZkQv25uEs And inevitably that has gotten a solid political foundation as well. Why is it that no one seems to ask why the American people should be afraid? And of what exactly? And what it would take to get rid of the fear? And again: the USA is not the only country where this is going on. It’s omnipresent.

People like Alan Seale and Otto Scharmer talk about remembering the future that wants to emerge, which to me makes a lot of sense as figuring out where to next is no longer really possible. In his July 1994 speech in America, Vaclav Havel said:

“There are good reasons for suggesting that the modern age has ended. Many things indicate that we are going through a transitional period, when it seems that something is on the way out and something else is painfully being born. It is as if something were crumbling, decaying and exhausting itself, while something else, still indistinct, were arising from the rubble.”

The modern world as we have come to know and understand it, has ended. I know. Many of you know. When will enough people know and act responsibly in allowing the future that wants to emerge to actually do so.


Geert Hofman



Invitation to co-create


Indeed, this is an invitation to co-create a novel. Last year my first novel ‘The Glass Dome’ was published (www.geerthofman.com/glass-dome ) and now I have started writing a sequel to it (working title: ‘Water Colours’. Initially it seemed to look like it was going offer the perspective of the main character’s wife on what turbulence her husband’s transformation caused. However, having started to write on it, it seemed to me it was going to be almost  a carbon copy of ‘The Glass Dome’. Of course, faced by the crisis of her husband leaving behind his career, Karen Woudenberg (now the main character) will go through a process of transformation herself as well, with similar resistance to embracing new insights as her husband struggled with. But somehow it’s clear to me that her transformation will go faster and deeper. And I feel I would like to explore more specifically the road ahead of us. I choose to believe that as mankind we’re at the start of enormous changes. The result of that would be a radically different global society. Although I have some ideas of how that would look like I would like to explore how the process towards that new society would look like.

What I’m requesting of you

  1. I’m inviting you to share your ideas about how the world will look when we have gone through this transformation.
  2. Tell me how this process will take place.

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I choose to believe that eventually the world is going to be one inclusive community (as opposed to a set of opposing exclusive communities that are frantically competing and fighting each other). Following a jump in our collective consciousness, resources are shared much, much more evenly than they are now. The rules of the game will have changed radically and will probably be less law-based but much more consciousness based. It will be a world where individuals celebrate their individual freedom (and accountability that comes with it), allowing others theirs. So it’s kind of living apart together 🙂 People will want to deploy their talents in flow for those meaningful causes for which they have been designed and they will experience fulfillment from that. How will survival be arranged? How do we maintain our health and education infrastructure? And indeed: what about our roads, bridges, airports, ports, energy? What will we be doing when acquiring as much material possessions as possible is no longer the main driver? Will it be a world without money? Will there be other ways of facilitating exchange?

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It looks like we’re heading for a series of crises that has only started to grow in intensity and severity and which are taking down our current system(s). Specifically I’m interested in your thoughts about the role of money in our economic system. It seems to me that we have banks creating money, which they lend out and expect to get more in return, what they are going to lend out again. Following Charles Eisenstein’s thoughts, our economy is debt and interest based which necessitates growth and leads to our society being monetized. We get to pay for everything, be it goods or services. States urge as many people as possible to engage in paid work as that increases their income. E.g. a mother staying at home, taking care of her family vs a mother, hiring a nanny, or buying a place at day care center for her toddlers, eating out or sending for meals yield different results. Currently the focus is on preferring the second option. However, by now it seems the possibilities for creating new services are close to being exhausted.  On a macro level, most states are having (severe) problems balancing their budgets. Countries  like Greece, Italy and Spain have so much debt that an increase in their interest rate is threatening their very existence. So it seems to me that a lot of instability is going to be around for a long while.

How does it (the process) work?

If and when you’re interested in contributing to the new novel send me a comment to this post or a mail (info@geerthofman.com) When we get our little community together I would be in touch with all of you, sharing in more detail what I’m thinking of. My idea is to publish the book in an e-book format that people can download for a tweet or a like. Possibly a ‘regular’ publisher will pick it up later and will want to transform it into a real book. The idea behind all of this is to try to reach as many people as possible around the globe in order to allow them to become more aware of the big changes announcing themselves so that collective intelligence can start getting mobilised. Perhaps a small contribution can be made in making the transformation process a little less bumpy than it is now.

Technically, we’d probably get started on Google docs or something similar. Or perhaps I’d collect and distribute the work in progress via Dropbox. Let’s just see what works best for us.


Why co-creation?

OK, so this is not about me suffering writer’s block 🙂 I think co-creation is the manifestation process of the future, in which those who want to and are able to contribute. I would expect the result to be better (defined in whatever way) than when somebody tries to figure out stuff on his own.

What’s in it for you?

First of all a great experience of co-creating a story that will be read by I don’t know how many people around the globe and thus contribute to the unavoidable transformation. You will be mentioned in the foreword as co-creator and the book will have a list of all of you (including your contact details and website if you like) who will have contributed. You may get recognition for being a thought leader in this matter in your own community and perhaps be able to create meaningful economic opportunities from that. If you’re in it for the money, I think it’s only fair to say that it’s far from sure the book will generate any kind of income. I’m not saying it won’t but it seems to be unlikely at the moment.

If you’d like to have a peek at the first chapter you can find it here: http://www.geerthofman.com/publications

OK, I’m really excited to get started on our project!

All love and blessings,



The captains and the sinking ship?

Riots in Greece
Riots in Greece


Yesterday my friend Mark Walsh posted an interesting question on Facebook (http://on.fb.me/KNy73P)

“So I want to ask a hard question of myself and all my coach, trainer and facilitator friends ahead of the Wisdom 2.0 Business conference.  Are we really transforming a sick system or are we just giving new terror-tools to the world’s biggest bullies?”

It triggered quite some comments and it took my thoughts to what is going on around the world and especially in Europe at this moment. I have commented on it in the preface of my novel ‘The Glass Dome’ (www.geerthofman.com/glass-dome ) as well.

The entire Eurozone is still struggling with the debt crisis, which has turned into a political crisis as well. Several countries face changes in their political management (like France last weekend) in relative stability (like Holland where new elections are due in September) or in outright chaos (Greece where a new government is unlikely to be formed and hence new elections will need to take place). These events do not help to bring security and stability to the fiscal and rescue packages that have been agreed upon. It seems that the Greek people are no longer willing to play along the old rules of the game (without having a clear concept of the new rules, by the way). Syriza, the coalition of radical leftist parties, make that very clear by stating that they won’t accept further government cuts and can’t pay back the debt. How long will it take before the people from Spain, Italy, France, Belgium or even Holland get to this stage?

Politicians no longer seem to be able to rally the majority of their constituents around a common theme. In countries where traditionally governments are based on coalitions, it has become increasingly difficult (and in some instances impossible) to arrive at a coalition with a majority in parliament so laws can be passed. In previous blogs as well in ‘The Glass Dome’ I’ve touched upon this. To me it is clear that we are entering a new era that will lead to a radically different way of treating each other and the planet. At some point in time, our societies will look different around the globe. A few keywords: freedom, transparency, connectedness. personal destiny. But we’re far from that. Somehow I choose to believe that this transformation is not going to be a smooth ride. Established parties will try to cling to the positions they have built up over the last centuries. They will try to sell or enforce their practices as best practices for the uncharted waters we are heading towards. (Automatically this famous Einstein quote about finding solutions from a different domain than where the problems originated from comes to mind). There’s power involved which will not be given up easily. It is the old one-for-all-paradigm derailing and therewith demonstrating its darkest sides through human action. I never thought the transformation would be a mere academic exercise but the venom is rapidly spreading it seems.

Is this (the start of) the inevitable universal creative planet-wide destruction preceding another phase of creation? Has the moment come that institutional Europe is falling to pieces? Is the ship sinking? Is there anything we would want the captains to do? What can we all do in order to facilitate the inevitable transformation in a way that it becomes less bumpy? Even it is only a bit less bumpy, much suffering would be prevented and many lives would be saved.

Interesting times ahead. Curious to hear what you think.

Love, Geert

There’s something about the word ‘Leader’

The Leader on top of other people?


This may be a cultural thing and therefore I may be attaching too much value too it. But there’s something that strikes me about the self promoting guru’s in whatever field. They all seemingly find it incredibly important to continuously state that they work with Leaders. Not just with anybody, no they work with leaders. Never mention ordinary folks, nope it’s about leaders. I’m not so sure that they understand what they communicate with that. Of course there’s more than a fair chance that they try to say that whatever it is they want to say, is something that is appealing to leaders. Which leads to them thinking that being amongst leaders makes them a leader too. So they’re amongst like-minded people and other friends now.

As I said, attaching importance to the word ‘leader’ may be a cultural thing, especially pertaining to the US culture. But I can’t help thinking when I read about some guru claiming to bring leaders together (as if…) : what’s the shouting all about? Why do you need so speak in such a loud tone to make yourself heard? What does that tell me about your message? That there are two kinds of people on the planet? Leaders and losers? That there is a distinction between leaders and the rest, which makes the leaders better people? That it is not true that all is one? That it is not true that everything in the universe is connected? That your worldview is still that of the pyramid: one at the top telling all the others what to do (and all the others should listen to that person, fit in, adapt to the context never mind what their unique contribution may be)? Those days are gone as can be read from a previous blog: http://bit.ly/rOWtzk What does it tell me about you, the person from which the message originates? How self-confident are you? To what extent to do believe what you are preaching? To what extent are you your message? To what extent can you really identify yourself with your message?

So in as much as they’re trying to preach a message of love and unity, in actual fact they’re communicating rivalry, distinction and them being better than all the others. Exclusiveness as opposed to inclusiveness. And that makes me sad…… Of course, this too is just a mere transitory phase in the development of mankind but still…. What kind of transformation is required to move to the next phase? And what will that look like? Any thoughts on your end you want to share?