Our world and its future, an artists’ impression

We’re living in times of disruptive turbulence. Everything, literally everything changes and nothing remains the same. Panta rhei kai ouden menei….. The small and big changes we’re asked to deal with on a daily basis affect all of us in every area of our lives and they come at an unprecedented speed and intensity. Furthermore, everything that was kept in hiding, gets revealed. There’s no way around that, as is demonstrated by the various scandals that get published. 

These enormously disruptive changes seem to signal the end of an era. Our old story is rapidly becoming obsolete and our new narrative is not yet in place. We’re entering /have entered a liminal space: the space between the old and the new narrative. With increasing amounts of turmoil.

This is causing people to become uncertain and also uncomfortable as their habitual compass to navigate through life is no longer pointing in the one right direction. We’re in the white waters of change. We’re invited to make sense of it all using our whole-body awareness, not just our left hemisphere which is on high alert now and panicking. Inevitably anxiety results and there are many people who are trying to stick to that, which wants to go. To that what they know, what they are familiar with but which has no future. There is simply no future in trying to go back to the way things were nor in trying to keep change from happening. They don’t know yet what it takes to be comfortable with this change of an era. Armed conflict is one of the available options for them in fighting to maintain their positions. 

That is what Three 2 Twelve is trying to express (link below). The bell continuously sounding leaves us with the question: for whom does it toll? Or better perhaps: for whom not? What is it trying to tell us? What is it trying to draw our attention to? What are we noticing, especially from a deeper awareness? What do we learn from our point of stillness? Whom are we asked to be? How do we choose to show up?

Globally, tensions are on the rise and an outburst of armed conflict is spreading. People are shouting and panicking. Some claim to know the best and only way forward, by trying to contain whatever is not pleasant to them. But that’s not the only possible outcome. A new story is appearing on the horizon as well……. Let us aim for that. Let’s all team up and create a more humane being together.

The title suggests a warning, we’re close to twelve and had better do something before doom strikes. My guess is that indeed we’re very close to twelve and also that our human narrative will get changed anyway. The question remains if we’re smart enough to join efforts to create that more beautiful new future or if we eradicate ourselves in the process. What is your choice?

Three 2 Twelve

#newhumannarrative #radicallybetter #artistimpression #flowingwith #transformationalpresence

A special word of gratitude to Alan Seale for his inspiration!

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